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A good skin care routine

A good skin care routine

The basics of good skin careBeauty and skin care go hand in hand, especially to help us show at our best with confidence. We all want to have great skin now, but have you considered what happens as we age? Starting good skin habits at a young age will contribute to younger looking skin in our not so young years later on. That’s so important we want to say it again! (In fact, we want to shout it.) The better you look after your skin from an early age the more likely you are to have great skin later on.

The reasons our skin changes over time have directly to do with skin collagen breaking down. There are several reasons why this happens, but there are now ways to change some of the damage done.

We can do things to prolong and even make some skin reversals of damage that will take off years. There are now proven products out there with collagen repair that will improve the damage, such as retinol and antioxidants such Vitamin C. In fact, Vitamin C, Vitamin A (retinol) and Hyaluronic Acid are the big guns in the skin care world.

Massage can also stimulate collagen production, strengthen muscle memory and relax tension that leads to wrinkles. Facial muscles are crucial to the way we look and with regular stimulation can lift, tone and tighten the skin, boost blood circulation and collagen production giving a fresh youthful appearance to the skin.

And by introducing regular exfoliation into your beauty regime, we can help to prevent premature aging. That’s right, exfoliation can actually boost the collagen synthesis in our skin. But its important not to over-do it, especially if you have very sensitive skin.

So, what is a good skin care routine?

Generally, it should go like this:

Morning – Cleanse – protective serum – moisturise with a day product – sunscreen
Night – Cleanse – corrective serum – eyecream – moisturise with a night product
Weekly – Exfoliate, mask, serum or other treatment, moisturise
Occasional/monthly – professional facial with deep cleanse, exfoliation, correction, hydration, massage and any specialist treatments that may be required for your skin.

Its important you use the correct product range for your skin type. This can change over time, or you might need a combination. The main skin types are balanced (what used to be called normal), dry, oily and combination. You might also suffer from skin condition such as blemishes or sensitive/redness prone skin.

Once you know your skin type and any skin conditions, you can choose the correct products. We can help you with this.

And don’t forget the hands, neckline and decolletage. Its pretty important to treat these with as much care as your face because these show your age more quickly than any other area of your skin.

And just before we go….have you ever gone to bed with your makeup on? Remember, dirt, makeup and so on remains on the skin and can lead to blocked pores!