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How we treat lip wrinkles

Are you worried about lip wrinkles?

Lips-are-closed-womenLip wrinkles are lines that etch vertically from the upper or lower lips. These are some of the tell-tale signs of ageing, and most people definitely want them gone!

Lip wrinkles are challenging to fix but now there are things we can do to improve them.

So, why do we get lip wrinkles?

Most people call these lines ‘smoker’s lines’ but they aren’t necessarily from smoking. Everybody will eventually get them as they age, smokers just get them earlier, and so do women. Women can tend to be particularly affected through dropping oestrogen levels (those pesky hormones again).

The lines are mostly a result of loss of volume. These lines can contribute to lipstick bleeding, hence the name “lipstick lines”. These wrinkles, also called perioral wrinkles, are caused by age, genetics, repetitive expressions, sun exposure, dental alignment, smoking and skin dehydration.

After the age of 50 the skin around lips can very easily develop wrinkles as the muscles in the area weaken, collagen levels in your skin diminish, and tissue volume loss occurs in the deeper levels of your skin. To really reverse them, you need treatments that tackle these areas.

What can we do about them?

In our facials, we follow a program of relaxing and plumping the skin and underlying muscles, and encouraging collagen and elastin production at the deepest level.   The lip contour area often needs extra hydration too, but its important to select carefully as it can be a sensitive area.

Helping your face relax is a one of the benefits of our facials. Many people with wrinkles around the mouth are very expressive of facial movement.  A good thing you can do is completely relax your face (many of us aren’t good at this).  If you completely relax your face, you will notice that lines look more pronounced when you are making expression and smoother when your face is relaxed.
 What can you do at home?

At home, you can make the biggest dent by using sunscreen, moisturisers, an gentle exfoliant to encourage cell renewal, and skin care that help boost collagen and elastin levels in the skin. Two of our favourites are:

  • Retinol (Vitamin A) which thickens the deeper layers of the skin and thin out the superficial layers. This relaxes the lines and makes them look smoother. Regular use will stimulate your skin to make collagen, and improve the texture and tone of your skin. You are likely to also notice an more even skin tone, which makes wrinkles less noticeable.
  • Skin care products containing peptides, stem cells and growth factors that are designed to naturally boost collagen.  Our favourite is Mesoestetic Stem Cell Nanofiller Lip Contour, which is the first filling effect cream specifically designed to treat, hydrate and plump out the lip contour area.  This is a really nice product.


“Just to say I really like the Stem Cell Nanofiller Lip Contour.  I can’t believe what a difference it has made in just one day – no more (ex) smoker’s wrinkles! Trudi