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Back Perfecting Ritual

Pure Fiji Body Perfecting

Allow 45 mins


For a toned, smooth and glowing back

We begin with a nourishing foot soak then dry body brushing.

Relax and enjoy as milk from the Coconut combined with a botanical oil blend is gently massaged into your back.

A warmed masque rich in natural AHAs is applied and allowed to work while you are snuggled up in a cosy wrap.

Next, your skin is buffed to perfection using a soft Sugar Rub which contains pure cane sugar blended with a botanical Exotic Oil blend rich in vitamins and antioxidants.  This scrub goes deep into the dermal layers removing dead skin cells and allowing the skin to soak up the nutrient rich oils – a treat your back doesn’t often get!

A final smoothing of a nourishing botanical balm rich in natural actives and nutrients assists your body’s own healing mechanism to tone, soothe and restore your natural moisture balance.

This lovely experience also includes a head, scalp and neck massage with warm Exotic Oil.

Pure Fiji

For centuries South Pacific and Fiji islanders have used pure coconut oil and flower extracts to nourish, moisturize and beautify both skin and hair. Pure Fiji brings you the best of these traditional blends for today’s natural bath and body care.  Discover our intensive hydrating body oils, creamy coconut lotions, nourishing hand made soaps and fresh sugar scrubs that will get your skin glowing.

Heavenly fragrances will delight your senses but our Pure Fiji spa range is so much more – all the products are infused with natural antioxidants and actives to nourish your skin.