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Body Facials

So often these areas are over-looked but they are the some of the first areas to show signs of ageing, sun damage, dryness & dehydration, crepiness & wrinkles, roughness and pigmentation.  Using cosmeceutical grade skin care, let us rejuvenate to achieve real improvement.


Allow 3/4hour


The back is difficult to treat yourself so often suffers neglect. This sumptuous treatment refines and deeply cleanses your skin, treats your skin concerns, stimulates your back’s circulation and induces deep relaxation.

 Includes a double cleanse to remove build up in the pores, exfoliation and polish with oils infused with natural bamboo micro polishing particles to exfoliate gently and thoroughly, hydration.


Allow 3/4 hour


Focusing on loose skin, crepiness, sun-damage & pigmentation. It refines, brightens, re-surfaces and balances the skin and stimulates the skin’s natural cell regenerating process.

Includes a delicate but deep cleanse, Enzyme Exfoliation, massage, brightening serum, anti-pigmentation serum, antioxidant serums, masque, hydration


Allow 1/4 Hour


Focusing on sun-damage, pigmentation & dryness

Includes super gentle exfoliation, antioxidant serums, brightening & hydrating serums, a relaxing massage with rich oils and super hydration


Allow 1/2 hour


Focusing on bumpy arms, roughness or keratosis pilaris, sun-damage & dehydration.

Includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation and serums to gently reduce excess keratin build up, brightening, antioxidant and cell regeneration serums, masque, hydration.


Allow 1/2 Hour


Focusing on pigmentation & sun-damage.

Includes a deep cleanse, massage, enzyme exfoliation, brightening & anti-pigmentation serums, antioxidant serums, brightening masque, hydration.