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Scars and Stretch Marks

Decolletage and Neckline Facial

Purifying Back Polish

Bumpy Arms Enzymatic Polish

So often these areas are overlooked and not given the care they deserve.


We have great success treating facial and body scars and red and silver stretch marks.  We use a combination of therapies including IPL

You will start to see dramatic results quite quickly but the number of treatments you will need will depend on a number of factors including the age of the scar, whether it is red or silver and the depth and scale of the original injury. As part of our treatment protocol, we ensure you take home a product to use daily to keep up the good work.



For sun damage and ageing, sunspots, wrinkling, creping, blotchy skin, redness

This lovely treatment includes treatment with highly effective rejuvenating, redness healing sun damage reversal and anti-ageing ingredients.

It includes a gentle peel to stimulate healthy skin regeneration and repair sun damage, an LED Light Therapy session to heal and rejuvenate, and a décolletage and neck massage to relax, tone and reduce puffiness.



This lovely treatment combines relaxation with deep and effective targeted treatment of blemished and acne-prone backs. We use a combination of deep cleansing, gentle exfoliation. serums, LED Light Therapy and a warm peptide healing masque to decongest, clear blemishes and prevent future outbreaks.

For deep results, you also receive an LED Light Therapy session on your back.  This reaches deep into follicles and pores to kill the infective bacteria that live deep within, heal damaged cellular walls, and calm inflammation.


For keratosis pilaris and bumpy arms


This lovely treatment focusses on deep and effective targeted treatment of excess keratin and dry skin.  Keratosis pilaris is typically a life-long condition so at home products are required to keep excess keratin build up at bay.

Treatment includes a deep cleanse, enzymatic peel, warm peptide masque to reduce excess keratin, coconut scrub exfoliation, hydration, and massage of arms and hands