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Enjoy our range of body treatments to treat, buff and polish

Decolletage and Neckline

Heal and improve the appearance of sun damage and ageing


This delicate skin quickly shows signs of sun damage and ageing. Sunspots, wrinkles, creping, blotchy skin, redness and sun damage can all take their toll on your appearance.

Our lovely package includes

Treatment with highly effective healing and anti-ageing ingredients, similar to a facial

A gentle peel to address sun damage and stimulate healthy skin regeneration

15 minutes LED (Light Therapy) to heal and balance

Neck and décolletage massage to relax, tone and reduce puffiness

Includes a delicate deep cleanse, brightening peel, anti oxidant and anti-pigmentation serums, healing peptide masque, massage, hydration, LED Light Therapy treatment

Purifying Back Polish

For blemished and congested skins


This lovely treatment combines relaxation with deep and effective targeted treatment of blemished and acne-prone backs.

We use a combination of deep cleansing, gentle exfoliation. serums and a peptide healing masque to decongest, clear blemishes and prevent future outbreaks.

For deep results, you also receive an LED (Light Therapy) session on your back.  This reaches deep into follicles and pores to kill the infective bacteria that live deep within, heal damaged cellular walls, and calms inflammation.

Whole Arm Buff, Polish and Massage

Ideal for keratosis pilaris (bumpy arms), dryness and sun damage, and very enjoyable


Includes a deep cleanse, enzyme peel, peptide masque, coconut scrub exfoliation, targeted serums to gently reduce excess keratin build up, brightening and antioxidant serums, hydration, and massage of arms, hands, forearms

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