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DNA Renewal Facials

DNA Renewal

Reversing sun-damage, ageing, sensitive and damaged skin

DNA Renewal is the world’s leading cosmedical treatment in reversing sun damage and restoring youthful healthier skin.

Replenishing DNA Repair Enzymes in your skin encourages the recognition and elimination of DNA damage which in some cases leads to pre-skin cancer and worse. Originally developed by a skin cancer doctor as a means to reverse pre-cancers in patients with severely sun-damaged skin, DNA Renewal also has dramatic age-reversing results and stimulates healthy skin renewal.

Suits all skin types including damaged, acne prone and rosacea skins.


First visit $208, allow 1.5 hours (includes Observ Skin Analysis)

Subsequent visits $159, allow 60 mins

Add 15 mins LED $20

This treatment achieves real rejuvenation results and your skin looks and feels clearer, more hydrated, softer, younger, firmer and more radiant. Its a great choice for:

fine lines and wrinkles
uneven skin tone and discolouration
under-eye circles and swelling
sun/photo damage
acne-prone skin/enlarged pores
sensitive skin
roseacea (improves the function of skin cells for less sensitivity and redness)

Treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, serums and creams with DNA Repair Enzymes, Peptides, Growth Factor and botanical actives to restore damaged skin and intensify the skin’s ability to repair itself, masque, relaxing facial massage, lip & eye contour treatments

DNA Renewal Facial
DNA Renewal
DNA Renewal
DNA Renewal