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Essential Facials

Medik8 Beautiful Skin for Life

 An Essential Facial for your individual skin

Each facial is customised just for you

Medik8 is a superb range used only in leading skin care clinics and medispas. This UK range is effective yet gentle, formulated for sensitive skin while still getting results.

Each treatment is rejuvenating, restorative and relaxing, leaving you with a beautiful radiant complexion.


First visit 90 mins $149, includes Observ skin analysis

Subsequent visits 60 mins $100

Relaxing & calming yet deeply rejuvenating, designed to introduce the restorative benefits of active skin care ingredients,  to return your skin’s balance and comfort,  treat specific skin types & concerns, and nourish and clarify. A relaxing facial massage increases circulation & lymphatic drainage, improving the skin’s appearance with a healthy glow.

Treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, massage with anti-oxidant, brightening & rejuvenation serums, masque, lip & eye contour treatments, hydration
Depending on skin type and concerns:

Radiance Boosting

For pigmentation & sun damage and skin that’s lost its lustre

Pore Refining

For oily, combination, congested & acne prone skins


For dry and dehydrated skins

Redness Calming

For  red, reactive & sensitive skins including roseacea

Age Defying

For the visible signs of ageing


First visit $129, allow 70 mins, includes Observ skin analysis

Subsequent visits $80, allow 45 mins

This shorter facial  is designed to bring back your skin’s vitality and flexibility and eliminate dehydration. It brightens your skin and restores its comfort level beautifully. Its a good choice for time poor clients, when seasons change, or if you are enjoying a course of facials for specific concerns.

Treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, masque, massage with antioxidant serum, eye treatment, hydration.


First visit $98, allow 75 min, includes Observ skin analysis

Subsequent visits $49, allow 45 mins

Designed with the special needs of teenage skin in mind.

Recommended for all skin types to work on teenage skin concerns and develop a balanced skin.  This facial includes a teaching component where we educate teenagers how to care for their skin.

Treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, blemish treatment as required, masque, specifically chosen antioxidant serums, hydration.

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