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LED Light Facial

Face LED

LED light therapy facial

Allow 1 hour $100

Repairs and rebuilds

Heals and calms redness

Long lasting regeneration

Add Hydrating Mask for face and eye contours $20
Add Hydrating Masks for face and neckline $40

This lovely facial uses our Bio-Therapeutic skincare range which is gel and serum-based and specifically designed to optimise your LED session. 

Light therapy is one of the most effective ways of healing your skin from the inside out and creating beautiful radiant skin and a perfect complexion.

Deep penetrating and soothing LED lights are targeted deep into the skin cells to heighten their internal functions, photo-stimulate dermal blood flow and induce faster healing, decrease pain, reduce acne and more.

This is a relaxing and enjoyable treatment , there is no downtime, no redness and your skin feels wonderful.

Are you worried about….?

Sun damage
Acne and blemishes
Redness and sensitivity
Combination skin
Blemished skin during pregnancy
Scars, burns and post-surgery

How LED Light Therapy helps

Stimulates collagen production for smoother skin
Improves tone and texture and revitalises dull complexions
Encourages a healthier, more youthful appearance with renewed clarity
Stimulates damaged cell replacement
Cleans and tightens coarse pores and loose skin
Reduces wrinkles and brightens ageing complexions
Improves Rosacea
Targets flecks, sunburn and ageing pigmentation
Targets Acne Vulgaris and Sebaceous Gland Hyperplasia