The Beauty Cottage / LED Light Therapy

LED The Beauty Cottage 25

The amazing healing power of light

Bring back the healthy glow

Acne and Blemish

Acne Scars

Ageing and wrinkles

Blackheads and enlarged pores

Congested rough and lifeless skin

Dryness and Dehydration


Red and Sensitive skin


Sun Damage

Harnessing the power of light to create a healthy, rested appearance and a healthier stronger skin. This treatment helps plump, firm and tone the skin,  improve ageing  and repair sun damage, and is ideal for conditions with underlying inflammation and redness like rosacea. LED Light is also effective at treating acne.

Facials at The Beauty Cottage

$49 per session

Prepay 3 $99 / Prepay 3 with Bio-Cellulose Zinc healing mask $159

LED Light Therapy and skin treatment

$99 per session

Prepay 3 $247

This treatment has revolutionised the way our clients care for and improve their skin! Its such a nice treatment, and very relaxing, but gets real results, whether you are troubled by signs of ageing, sun damage, red, sensitive or inflamed skin, congested, dull or dry skin, blemished skin or acne scarring.

Treatment includes a beautiful cleanse and exfoliation, an extended LED Light Therapy session, a super healing and hydrating masque, and finishing with serums and a moisturiser that suit your unique skin type. You will look fabulous when you leave.


The treatment is very pleasurable,  there is no downtime, and you look fabulous when you leave our clinic. Our clients experience a visible improvement from their very first treatment.

Treatments are suitable for all skin types and concerns and are customised for you based on your individual skin needs.  Our Bio-Synthesis LED machines incorporate over 4000 individual LED lights in a combination of red, yellow, green and blue to provide powerful skin correcting results.

To achieve optimal results, we recommend a course of LED treatments at intervals that suit your skin concerns.

Most clients spend 15-20 minutes under LED light each session. It is often combined with other treatments such as facials, peels and IPL skin rejuvenation to enhance treatment outcomes.