Makeup at The Beauty Cottage

Our trained makeup artists offer colour matching sessions, one-on-one ‘4 minute makeup’ tutorials and full special occasion makeups

Colour matching $80

Personal ‘4 Minute Makeup’ tutorial $80

Special Occasion Makeup $120

Preparing for your big day

Perfect makeup is all about the skin.  Many clients find their skin needs preparation for an important event where close-up or high-def photos are to be taken.

We specialise in preparing your skin for its big day, ideally starting at least 3 months prior to get your skin absolutely polished, smooth, firm and glowing.

We also have a special Mother-of-the-Bride or Groom preparation package which includes skin, jawline, neck, and perfectly crafted brows and lashes.

Please ask us for details.

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Why we use Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

Your skin will look and feel luminous and your makeup will look perfect the whole day

We’ve chosen this brand because clients find it easy to use at home, it covers a range of imperfections (you can build the coverage from a light flick to full coverage), and the products care for your skin.

A unique milling process is used to create luxurious formulations that are free from talc, fillers, chemical dyes, nano-particles and fragrances that can irritate the skin. Youngblood products don’t cause congestion or blemishes and include Titanium Dioxide for natural sun protection.

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