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The perfect inclusion in a skin correction program

Both first-time and regular peel users
All skin types, even sensitive and roseacea
Oily/blemished skin
Dehydrated skin
Mature, pigmented and sun-damaged skins


We use Mesoestetic peels because they are pH balanced, meaning that whilst being cosmedical grade, they are also very gentle.


Lactic Acid Hydrating Peel

Hands $50 / Face $110  / Decolletage $130 / Forearms $130

Allow 3/4 Hour

Treatment includes a mask, hydrating serum & hydrating moisturiser and for daytime appointments, cosmeceutical grade sunblock


Facial + Peel


A lovely combination of a delicate Mesoestetic facial plus a peel.  This treatment suits all skin types – ageing, sun-damaged pigmented, blemished, dry, dehydrated, rough or dull skins, blemished skin, and skin just in need of a boost. Suitable for sensitive skin/roseacea.

What you need to know

Peels help to stimulate new collagen and elastin fibre formation, clarify and balance the skin, hydrate and reduce pigmentation. This makes them ideal for treating dryness, lines & wrinkles, blemished skin, pigmentation and sun-ageing.

Lactic Acid peels are gentle with no real downtime.  During the treatment, some clients experience a mild tingling on sun-damaged areas but this is only temporary. With your next peel you are likely to have less tingling, so you can see how your skin has improved. After your peel, your skin will look and feel cleaner, softer, more hydrated and plumper and results will continue over coming days.