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Medik8 Hydr8B5 Body Cream

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Intensely hydrating moisturiser

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Envelop your skin in this deeply hydrating body lotion to transform dry, dehydrated skin.

Medik8’s signature Moisture Magnets and natural glycerin keep water locked in tight for all-day comfort and hydration. Meanwhile natural cocoa butter lavishes skin with emollients to keep skin soft and supple. The sumptuous formula helps to improve skin tone and elasticity, smoothing dry, rough patches while restoring the skin’s natural protective barrier. Fast-absorbing and non-greasy, this rich body moisturiser is perfect for use post-shower to keep skin soft and silky. It can also be used to help soothe sunburn, calm irritation and pacify itchiness.

Formulated to work perfectly with your favourite Medik8 serum like Retinol so you can tailor your own bodycare routine. 


With the hydration of a rich lotion but the absorption of a light cream, this is a perfect daily moisturiser. When applied after a bath or shower, the uplifting, clean scent doesn’t overpower fragrances applied afterwards. The rich lotion provides the ultimate hydrating experience. Skin is left silky and soft, without any greasy residue, allowing you to put clothes on almost immediately. 


Moisture Magnets – Medik8’s signature hydrators bind to skin cells and grab onto water to lock moisture in tight where it is needed the most.

Natural Glycerin – Glycerin gets to work as a natural humectant, trapping water within the skin to leave it quenched and comfortable.

Cocoa Butter – A rich moisturiser to lavish skin with emollients, restoring its natural protective barrier to keep hydration locked in.


Every morning and evening, massage into dry skin using gentle circular motions. if you like, add a few drops of your favourite Medik8 Serum. Perfect for rehydrating after bathing or showering.


Size: 250ml

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