The Beauty Cottage / Rosacea and Red Skin Program

Do you suffer from red skin or rosacea?

This can damage your confidence enormously

Our 3 month program achieves great results at helping reduce and manage this distressing condition, and making your skin feel more comfortable

Redness on face, typically nose, cheeks, forehead and chin


Visible blood vessels

Sometimes, non-infected watery pustules

Many of our clients suffer from red skin and flushing on the face, and sometimes neck.  This is not the same as having a sensitive skin (although the treatment is similar).

Its typically a vascular or thinning skin issue, but one of the other causes can be rosacea.  This is a long-term skin condition that typically affects the face. It results in redness, pimples, swelling,  small and superficial dilated blood vessel, and sometimes, watery non-infected pustules. Often, the nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin are most involved. No one knows what causes rosacea and there is no permanent cure, but our program of ongoing management and treatments helps enormously to get it under control, less reactive and more comfortable.

During our 3 month program you have fortnightly, short, treatments (not overworking the skin), and you use some specific skin at home.

It takes time and patience to calm, soothe and improve this condition, and we find our gentle, regular approach is very successful.



What the program includes

Professional skin analysis and images at beginning and end of program

Fortnightly treatments

Two carefully selected skin care products to use at home during the program, valued at about $150

‘Thank you thank you!  Since I started coming to see you 4 months ago my skin has improved incredibly!  As you know I was really depressed about how bad my rosacea looked. And it was hard at work because I always felt self-conscious and no amount of makeup would cover it.  Now my skin is under control, the redness has gone right down and it doesn’t feel tight and sore any more.  And by the way, thanks for the makeup tips on how to cover it up too!’ – Janelle H