The Beauty Cottage / Sun Damage Repair Program


UV damage can be deadly

Our 6 monh treatment program repairs the damage and has powerful anti-ageing effects

Cells undergo complex changes when they are attacked with UV and oxidative stressors. The damage is a lot more than can be seen on the surface.  What can be seen on the outside is only the tip of the iceberg. Its not good enough to make your skin feel good on the outside, it needs repair from the bottom up, and it takes time.

Visible sun damage

Sun spots and pigmentation

Dry spots

Rough patches

Solar keratoses

Fine lines and wrinkles

Adult blackheads and enlarged pores

Uneven skin tone and texture

Spider veins and broken capillaries

Our treatment protocol harnesses the power of DNA Repair enzymes and growth factor to reverse sun damage and pre-skin cancer. The program was developed by Dr R Moy, leading skin cancer specialist, and is clinically proven to achieve real results.

Our treatments are rich in DNA repair enzymes which penetrate to the growth layers of the skin. This makes it ideal for any skin condition where there is inflammation, sun damage and ageing.  The treatment suits even the most sensitive skin.

DNA Renewal Facial

DNA Renewal


Member price $1500

What the program includes

Professional skin analysis and pictures at beginning and end of program

Monthly, clinically proven, facials and advanced treatments

A box of 5 full sized carefully selected skin care products by Dr Moy to use at home during the program, valued at about $600