The Beauty Cottage / Sun Repair Program

Sun Repair Program The Beauty Cottage

6 month professional treatment program

Your program is custom designed just for your individual skin

Your program will include detailed skin assessment using our state of the art Observ skin analysis machine, a specialist program designed just for you, treatments each month for 6 months, and from the commencement of the program, 5 full sized products to use at home


valued at $1800

Visible sun damage  Sun Spots Pigmentation Dry skin  Rough patches  Solar keratoses  Fine lines and wrinkles  Enlarged pores  Uneven skin texture and colour  Uneven skin colour  Loosening skin Spider veins Broken capillaries

These are all signs of UV damage

Cells undergo complex changes when they are attacked with UV and oxidative stressors. The damage is a lot more than can be seen on the surface.  What can be seen on the outside is only the tip of the iceberg. Its not good enough to make your skin feel good on the outside, it needs repair from the bottom up, and it takes time.



LED Light Theraoy

Highly effective at strengthening your skin, encouraging healthy new skin growth, reducing wrinkles, brightening its tone, and more.

Specialist Facials

Indulgent but highly effective facials that focus on reversal of sun damage to reveal a glowing more youthful appearance. These treatments replenish DNA repair enzymes to help restore damaged cells.  This treatment stimulates healthy skin renewal and therefore also has a dramatic age-reversing effect.

Ideal for all skin types including rosacea, purpuric and sensitive.


Gentle but powerful peels are a key component of strengthening your skin and encouraging healthy new skin growth.


IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) therapy is cutting-edge treatment to rejuvenate your skin and encourage healthy new growth.


On your first appointment you will take home 5 full sized products to use during the program.  Your products will be chosen from our cosmedical and cosmeceutical skin care ranges to include the right ingredients at the right strengths for your individual skin needs.


Our 6 month treatment programs are achieving outstanding results.

Come in and see our before-and-after images and chat about how we can help you too.